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 Fartex first began its activity in Fulling and Finishing in 1969. After a few years when Finishing had already gained a great deal respect, Fartex started to produce industrial fabrics.

In 1976, following the excellent results of molletton wrappers production, a new company named Tetatex ltd was set up to produce and sell technical fabrics for industrial use.

In the 80's Fartex attempted to develop new activities in the "unknown" and "risky" markets of Eastern Europe. The result was a firm collaboration with Russia and in particular Poland where Fartex succeded in developing solid business relations with many polish companies.

In 1995 Tetatex ltd closed due to the withdrawal of a founder partner and Fartex took over its production and trademark and developed sales abroad. The molletton wrappers of Prato became more and more reliable.

In the following years new shares and activities increased fartex's flexibility in the market and also its capability to offer more qualified services to its customers. Collaboration with polish market increased steadly becoming more and more important.

Now, thanks to twenty years of experience in the market and a high level of competency, Fartex d.i. enjoys a stedy growth both in commercial and consultancy activities.

In the late 90's Fartex gave three large spaces for the use of locations for the porpose of giving new life to Cartaia's sheds , mixing industrial archeology with new cultural forms.


Fartex di Franco Affortunati
 Via La Cartaia, 3 - Loc. La Cartaia
50049 Vaiano (PO) - ITALY
Tel. 0574/984788 Fax. 0574/984300
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